Classic collection

Classic Collection

Discover the amazing Classic Collection

As the name suggests, the Classic collection is a set of real classics - the loft. The combination of table, bookcase, coffee table and TV cabinet gives you the possibility to furnish your living room with the essential furniture while taking care of the aesthetics and harmony.

Classic Table - Adwood

Classic Table

Classic table is a novelty in our collection. It is characterized by a classic construction and timeless form. This model, like the entire Classic collection, is distinguished by its specific leg attachment, which gives it a modern form as well as a solid structure. Perfectly selected dimensions of profiles for the table legs combined with a solid oak table top will become the perfect center of your living room or dining room.

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Classic Table

2050 PLN

Parametry i cena podstawowej konfiguracji
Wymiary 200 cm x 90 cm x 75 cm
Grubość blatu 4 cm
Ilość łączeń blatu 1 lub 2 (KATERGORIA PREMIUM)
Lakierowanie/uszlachetnienie Oil varnish, levelling coat
Typ krawędzi stołu Straight, chamfered 3 mm
Podstawa/nogi Metal
Kolor podstawy Graphite, semi-matt
Czas produkcji From 4 to 6 weeks
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Thickness of the top 4 cm with a natural edging, so called "natural edge". "living edge", enhance the warm and authentic character of this table. Thickness of the top 4 cm with a natural edging, so called "natural edge". Do you prefer straight edges? Don't worry, you can customise every detail. All our tables are made to order. This ensures that you receive a unique piece, confirmed by a certificate and a unique series number. And that is how you become the owner of a unique product. We recommend an "extra matt polyurethane lacquer" finish so that the worktop is not afraid of stains and is easy to clean.

Our locksmiths create the base using steel profiles with the appropriate profile. Joints are removed to achieve a flawless appearance. The primer is then applied and then powder coated. Of course you choose the colour!

Optionally, you can add the Extendet option which will allow 4 additional people to sit at the table. The tops can be made as a natural extension of the table made from the same piece of wood preserving the continuity of the wood structure as well as laterally aligned to the main direction of the tabletop structure. This is a unique solution that gives the tabletop an air of continuity and extends it by 100 cm to a length of 300 cm.

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Classic Table

Standard - 75 cm
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Classic coffee table - Adwood

Classic coffee table

The universal and timeless form of this coffee table is its advantage, and the materials that are used additionally place it in the premium product segment. The beauty and durability of solid, natural wood gives the Fogo coffee table extraordinary class and appropriate durability, making it a pleasure to look at for a long time.

Classic bookcase - Adwood

Classic bookcase

The simple and versatile form of the Classic bookcase will decorate any modern interior, while its solidity and stability will add functionality.

Classic TV cabinet - Adwood

Classic TV cabinet

The Classic TV cabinet is a perfect supplement to the entire Classic collection. The Classic bookcase will make your living room filled with harmony and elegance, which and elegance that is guaranteed by the loft style.