Adwood Design

Choose furniture that will become the heart of your home

The furnitures as unique as you

During the creation of each product from our extensive collection, we set ourselves the task of preserving and presenting the beauty of wood and its naturalness and uniqueness. The uniqueness of wood guarantees that each piece of furniture of our production is one of a kind, unique.

Our furniture is made up of the work of professionals in their fields, people for whom work is a passion, thanks to which they put all their craftsmanship and knowledge into each product of our collections. Adwood is a Polish family company which is passionate about working with wood, learning techniques which allow us to produce more and more perfect furniture which, thanks to the youngest generation, bring tradition and modern style to our houses and apartments.

As much manual work as it is possible.

As a manufactory, we aim to work with wood and metal with truly watchmaking precision.

In order to create perfect products it is worth combining the knowledge and experience of generations with the latest achievements of technology, which results in furniture with an impeccable form, and at the same time such that retain the soul of wood. Unlimited possibilities in our work with wood are obtained by combining it with epoxy resins. This technique helps to compose table tops in a very creative way, exposing the wood structure through the contrast between the resin and natural wood texture.

Why you should choose Adwood?

Our products are made according to the principles of art, and their finishes are refined to the smallest detail. All our furniture is 100% made in Poland. In addition, they are ecological and recyclable, but if after several years of use the surface will show signs of exploitation you can and even you should use renovation measures authorized by Adwood, the specifications of which can be found in the individual product card. With these treatments you can enjoy your piece of furniture for a very long time. If your vision is beyond our designs, remember that we can always cooperate with you to create the table of your dreams, serving with advice and experience.